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What cleaning supplies do you need?


If you're in Taunton, you can get all of your cleaning and janitorial supplies from Abrada in the Apple Business Centre. This includes cleaning fluids, wipes, towels and even cleaning supplies for hospitals and nursing homes.

Our cleaning supplies include:

Toilet paper: You can have toilet paper rolls of different sizes, depending on how much you need.

Cleaning fluids: Choose from a wide range of cleaning fluids designed for different purposes. You can have fluids for cleaning windows, floors, toilets and everything in between.

Cleaning wipes: Choose from different packs of cleaning wipes, which are ideal for cleaning surfaces, from bathroom mirrors to counter-tops.

Paper (hand) towels: You never have to run out of hand towels again. Arrange a delivery schedule with us and you'll have as much as you need, before you run out.

Supplies for hospitals and nursing homes

If you want cleaning and janitorial supplies for medical establishments like hospitals and nursing homes, we can supply you with those also.


From special disinfectants to incontinence products, you can get everything you need from our range of supplies.

Get your cleaning supplies in Taunton

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